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Commercial & Residential Applications

Kona Coast

Sahara Sand

Giallo Versilia

Cabo Verde

Grey Reef

French Grey


Midnight Blue

​Blue Mist


Perle Noire

Ice Ice Bay Bay

EcoFinish is a high performance pool finish developed as a solution for issues with traditional pool finishes. Traditional pool finishes include however are not limited to: liners, paint, marbelite, plaster and or tile. The finish is applied using our patented thermoplastic spray system. In South-Western Ontario we are aware that there is an issue with pools in regards to cracking and leaking as well as supplying our consumer base with a high-end long-term cost efficient product. EcoFinish is a product that is much stronger and durable than your old-school traditional school pool finishes. Unlike other types of pool finishes EcoFinish pool finishes colouring will not fade due to sun damage or chemical damage. The product is also resistant to staining, cracking, chipping, peeling, scratching, slip and as previously mentioned, fade resistant. ecoFinish is great is several other ways as well, once applied the product is good to go. There is dreadful wait to start filling up to pool as the product cures instantly, this will save you considerable down-time during your short swimming pool season. Most notably, ecoFinish is extremely long-lasting as they are expected to outlast conventional finishes up to seven times longer.

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EcoFinish offers 18 different colours listed below as well as 3 basic commercial colours (white, blue and black) Custom colours are also available.



Black Absinthe

Blue Lagoon

Mediterranean Blue

Pacific Blue

 Blue Granite

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