4. Masking

  • Apply heat resistant tape and fabric to all fittings and coping that will not be sprayed for protection

1. Surface Preparation

  • Pressure wash, apply caulking where necessary, fix cracks, holes, etc

6. Flock Coat

  • ​Begin the 1st coat of ecoFinish

7. Finishing Coat

  • 2nd coat of ecoFinish

8. Melting Out

  • Final coat of blending together

3. Acid wash

  • Clean the existing concrete with a thorough acid wash

2. Surface Inspection

  • Inspect surface for more repairs and hollow spots in the concrete bottom and/or walls

Professional Pool refinishing and resurfacing in Southern Ontario.

London, K/W, Hamilton, Windsor, Sarnia and the GTA

Commercial & Residential Applications



5. Epoxy Application

  • Apply epoxy and let cure before spraying
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