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Why Choose EcoFinish

ecoFinish has a significantly large number of reasons for consumers to choose an ecoFinish installation over other traditional finishes including:

  • Liner Replacements, Fiberglass Pools, Paint, Marbelite, Plaster and or Tile 

  1. Outlasts Other Finishes up to 7x Longer
    • ecoFinish has been proven to outlast other finishes for an extremely significant amount of time. ecoFinish also offers the best warranty in the business due to the quality of the product.
  2. Less Chemical Usage Overall
    • Since ecoFinish is a non-porous surface the chemicals used to balance the pool spend more time fighting the bacteria in the pool rather than trying to get at the finish itself. Over the course of a year you can save up to 40% in chemical usage.
  3. Extremely Resistant to Harsh Pool Chemicals
    • Certain pool chemicals are quite harsh and can cause fading, chalking and or staining overtime, whereas ecoFinish is extremely resistant to these chemicals. A liner most notably is very susceptible to staining within years of an installation.
  4. Does Not Chip, Flake or Peel Like Paint
    • Concrete pool owners find themselves draining and repainting their pools on average every 2 years in order to keep their pool looking sharp. ecoFinish offers pool owners a long term solution to this problem as the product bonds to the existing surface and is there to stay long-term.
  5. Does not Blister or Crack like Fiberglass
    • Fiberglass is known to be a higher-end pool finish in today's market however even fiberglass pools are susceptible to blistering and cracking overtime unlike ecoFinish.
  6. Slip Resistant
    • ecoFinish has been recognized for its one of a kind slip-resistant application that is perfect for entrance ways and walk-ways into pools. 
  7. Easily Maintained/Repaired if issues do occur
    • Although ecoFinish is more full proof than other pool finishes if the existing pool surface cracks significantly, it is easy for Ontario Pool Coatings to come and simply repair that spot of the pool rather than re-doing the entire pool finish.
  8. Large Colour Selection
    • ecoFinish offers 21 colours in total. Custom colours are also available at a higher rate. Check out the header 'Colours' under the EcoFinish tab to learn more about the colours available.
  9. Start-up Immediately after finish is applied
    • An under-rated feature of ecoFinish is that once the product has cured within minutes after being applied, the pool is finished and is ready for water. No need for loud vacuums or fast-start ups. Simply fill the pool, balance and swim.

Ontario Pool Coatings offers their ecoFinish coating to London, Kitchener Waterloo, Hamilton, Chatham and surrounding areas.