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Epoxy Pool Painting is the cheapest system available for install and are the perfect solution for individuals on a tight budget. What separates our company from other pool painting companies is that we do not rely solely on acid washing or DYI methods of preparation. We won’t install any products unless the method of preparation is an abrasive blast or diamond grinding. We use brands such as Ramuc or Olympic depending on your individual budget and needs for your project.

• Inexpensive
• Many colours
• Acts a barrier and helps reserve the concrete
• More resistant to algae than concrete
• Smooth surface

• Doesn't last very long
• Can chalk when pool improperly balanced
• Can fade quickly
• If not prepped properly can peel almost immediately
• Paint needs to be removed in order to do more high-end finishes in the future
• Long cure time before water can be added

Epoxy Pool Paint